Relive the early days of gaming with this 1983 review of Frogger for Atari

Oh how we love the Internet. This review of the now-classic Frogger was first published in issue number 24 of Compute! in 1983. It’s a fantastic look back to the simple times when Atari ruled the gaming world.

For those who do not frequent the arcade game rooms, a detailed description of the game follows. But first, there are a couple of options that may be set. Once the game has finished loading, you may choose between two speeds, FAST and SLOW, and whether you want the accompanying music on or off. The OPTION switch toggles the game speed between FAST and SLOW, with FAST being the initial setting. So far, the SLOW speed has been plenty hard enough for me.

The music option is controlled by the SELECT switch. By the way, this music is some of the best I’ve heard on any game so far. The music option is available only on the disk version. I also appreciate the fact that you are not required to listen to 10 to 20 seconds of music before you can start the game. You start or restart the game by pressing START. Even after the game has begun, you may still change speeds or toggle the music using the appropriate key.

Trust me, you’re gonna want click through and read the whole thing. It will bring a nostalgic smile to your face.