Video: Nokia N900 + SNES Emulator + PS3 Controller = Portable geek bliss

I’ll admit it: When the oh-so-damned-clever coding community managed to get an SNES emulator running on the N900 at fullspeed with features like TV-out, I got all kinds of excited. Hell, even Nokia was excited about it until they got smacked by the Mighty Hand of the Law for showing it.

Well, it just got even better.

Some nerds (and we mean that in the most positive of ways) have managed to get a PS3 Sixaxis controller to pair with the N900, and they’ve modified the SNES emulator to play friendly with it. Best of all, they were nice enough to write up a set of instructions and share it with everyone. It is by no means for the faint of heart — there’s a good bit of manual hackery to be done, at this point — but if you’re ready to dive in, you can find the instructions here.

[Via Giz]