MySpace Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn On His Way Out After 9 Months On The Job

MySpace Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn will soon be leaving the company, we’ve heard from multiple sources. Hirschhorn joined MySpace in April 2009 as part of the major executive shakeup that replaced the old guard, including long-time CEO Chris DeWolfe. After current CEO Owen Van Natta was chosen, Hirschhorn and COO Mike Jones were quickly brought on board to fill out the newly vacated roster.

Since joining MySpace, Hirschhorn has gotten a reputation for slashing products that weren’t deemed to be part of MySpace’s core strategy (given how bloated the site was, that wasn’t always a bad thing). But the core product hasn’t really changed all that much, either, which is something that needs to change for MySpace to get back on its feet.

But the real problem may have been a lack of chemistry between Hirschhorn and his fellow executives. CEO Van Natta was supposedly hired by Murdoch directly for the job. Hirschhorn and Jones were hired by Digital chief Jon Miller. Since the whole team was brought in at once, Van Natta didn’t have any say at all in the hiring of his two right hand guys.

Before joining MySpace, Hirschhorn was president of the Sling Media Entertainment group, a founding partner at TripleH Media Advisors, and Chief Digital Officer at MTV.

MySpace refused to comment on this story. An email to Hirschhorn has so far gone unanswered.