G-Recorder records Skype calls to Gmail – get your discount code here

g-recorder logo[Ukraine] We know Skype is a great tool. It has over 500 million users worldwide. But even Skype has some feature gaps. In fact Skype has no internal call recording capabilities so that produced a variety of call recorders in the Skype ecosystem – from complex to buggy, from expensive to free. But what is the most common characteristic of the tools? They lock users into the computers they are installed in, hardly appropriate in a Cloud computing era. Users who want to access their call recordings or chats from another PC (e.g. home/work) are stuck. If you change a computer or reinstall Windows your Skype history will be irreversibly lost.

Fortunately there is a tool that effectively resolves both drawbacks – G-Recorder is a lightweight and simple Windows (only) application that records Skype calls and chats to Gmail. Its innovation is in integrating a user-friendly Gmail interface to handle Skype conversations like e-mail. This simple solution provides a number of benefits at once:

• Call recordings and chats are accessible and searchable from anywhere online due to Gmail
• Skype can be used on multiple computers and the Skype chat history is merged chronologically
• A computer change or Windows reinstall is less hassle, a all Skype conversations are archived online
• Call recordings can be replayed online without downloading

For TechCrunch we have a coupon for 100 licenses with a 50% off discount kindly provided by G-Recorder. The coupon code: “TechCrunchHalfPrice”