FriendFeed Clone Cliqset Launches Social Memory Integration Courtesy Of Evernote

Evernote, the popular site, iPhone (and now Android) app which lets you record your memories by snapping geo-tagged photos, making voice notes, or just text notes and making it easy to search through them, is gaining serious traction on the web. In December, Evernote just reached 2 million unique users, only 7 months after reaching its first million. Of course, it makes sense that users would want to use Evernote to record social interactions. Today, Cliqset, a FriendFeed-like realtime online identity platform that lets users merge and share a vast variety of social information, is integrating with Evernote to allow users to archive social content.

With this integration, users of both Cliqset and Evernote can store photos, status updates, reviews, blog posts, videos, music, documents and anything they want to remember or save, to their Evernote account. Cliqset, which offers both a web-based and desktop app, aims to be a one-stop-shop for social communications, pulling in content from close to 70 social networks and services, including MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and more. Users can also update their status, and share photos, bookmarks, reviews on Cliqset and push them out to wherever they choose.

Once you activate the Evernote integration and account information, you can share any content on Cliqset via the click of the Evernote icon on the app. You can create folders for Evernote content, and then search for the content within Evernote. The integration has been synced across web-based app, Cliqset’s desktop app, Firefox extension and bookmarklet.

While the real-time social media stream is fast becoming a crowded space with Threadsy, Streamy and others offering compelling platforms, Cliqset is continuing to innovate its platform to allow for ultimate syndication. Of course, Seesmic is entering the fray with the acquisition of Darren Bounds, president of Cliqset, has told us that the platform aims to be a less clunky version of FriendFeed, with a target audience of users who aren’t as technologically savvy. Cliqset will be launching an iPhone app in the near future and is currently developing a browser extension for Chrome.

Cliqset + Evernote from cliqset on Vimeo.