Divine converts a Photoshop design into a blog in seconds

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Divin Logo[Ukraine] Divine is a site which converts any Photoshop design to a fully functional theme for WordPress CMS in several seconds. And it doesn’t require deep knowledge of technical HTML details or Photoshop skills. That makes it pretty unusual.

Since August 2009 30,000 users have installed the Divine plugin. Near 800 beta testers suggested approx. 245 ideas and near half of the ideas have been implemented in the first commercial edition – Divine Personal, which is to be released after extensive beta testing in the second quarter of 2010.

A SaaS version is planned for the mass market later this year. This is a web service for those who want to design their sites, web services, blogs, mobile versions of sites in few seconds (using no Photoshop, HTML editor, etc.) created just from a logo or selecting the purpose of website: music band, corporate website etc.

Divine was crash-tested at the last Startup Crash Test 10.0 in Kiev.

  • F.D. Athow

    typo. created. not “crated”.

  • Martin

    Sounds very interesting, of course none of this would have been possible without the state of the art wordpress codex :)

  • Divine Team

    thanks for this post about Divine Project and our plans.

    We’d like to add the following: we are looking for Investors or VC funds now for upcoming Divine SaaS version with:
    + Experience in raising of start-up companies;
    + Clear understanding of the market and niche of web design, websites, blogs, social networks’ creation, web tools/ services, etc.

    For persons concerned: write to us –

    • Ethan

      looks like a great concept and a great start (though I’m eager to see a version on Mac)…. congratulations Divine.

      One minor criticism… if you are going to build a business around another company’s product, you should spell/stylize it correctly in your marketing materials. WordPress is officially WordPress not WordPress.

      I look forward to the Mac version and more great work from your team :)

  • vivipfeif

    damn, it’s only for windows OS. That sucks, I was all happy about testing it and playing around on my Macbook Pro and now I’m all sad :(

  • Website Design Sydney

    You may wonder how the image of Avatar to be created. It seems lots of works and not easy to do such creation.

  • Divine Team

    Good news! Now you have a chance to try yourself in Divine Elemente Edition (formerly Divine Personal one). You’ll find new functionality of this edition testing all interesting features of Divine plugin.

    So, beta testing has already started. Want to join? More details at:

  • Andrew Shoe

    Your beta version is really interesting to try. Good job!

  • Harry Pit

    Layout Editor is coool!

  • Ashly

    good job. useful plugin for designers

  • Jan

    Good job but please more features. 960, Blueprint, or any Grid-based css framework would be a great additional feature for Divine.

  • Ann

    New promised features are good addition to the plugin. I already want the first paid version. Good job.

  • Colin

    Ohhh, I’ve never heard about this stuff before!

    It’s interesting…

  • Divine Team

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new bright website that reveals useful information on Divine Elemente new features and possibilities. Special sections, helpful guides and tutorials and more are available at:

    • Mn

      Seems to be a great product.I like Photoshop to WordPress idea.

  • Divine Team

    We decided to start the pre-order program offering our customers a new opportunity to use Divine Elemente plugin for PSD to WP conversion right now and eliminating the necessity to wait for its official release. More details at:

    • Wordpress Themes

      No coding. Fast & easy.Seems to be a great product.I like Photoshop to WordPress idea.

  • Clipping Path

    Thanks for sharing your designs with us

  • Anonymous

    Which may be more usable down this service is known as divine. it can get a very stumbleupon rating which is fairly good sign for usable sevice.

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