Cell phone has built in cigarette lighter. In other news, I have officially seen it all.

Straight out of China comes “The Machismo!” – billed as “the world’s hottest cigarette lighter mobile phone.” Does that mean there’s more than one? Like, are there other, lesser, not-as-hot cell phones with built-in cigarette lighters? Nothing would surprise me after seeing this.

According to the product description on Chinavasion.com:

“The problem with modern life is you have to carry around too many things in your pockets. Wallet, keys, iPod, cellphone, and if you’re a smoker – a cigarette lighter too. Well here’s the perfect solution – The Machismo. Instead of carrying a phone AND a lighter, just turn this amazing phone around, slide open the safety latch, and the underlying heating element heats up in under 2 seconds. Place your cigarette on the glowing element and puff. Your cigarette is lit and you can enjoy your smoke. Super huh? Yes, Machismo!”

As a communications device, it’s a triband GSM phone with dual SIM slots, a 2.5-inch touchscreen, 1.3-megapixel camera, and multimedia playback. And if you thought you had to spend a fortune for a phone that can light your cigarettes, buckle up. It’s only $68.51, unlocked. That’s less than two cartons of decent smokes here in the States.

Machismo – Cigarette Lighter Cellphone (Touchscreen, Dual SIM) [Chinavasion]