Betty Goes Boop: Cc: Betty To Be Reborn As Threadbox

As a product, Cc: Betty was a good idea. Fundamentally, the goal was organize group email threads in a way that makes them more manageable. From an execution perspective, it left a bit to be desired. And from a naming perspective, it left a lot more. Today, the company is announcing that both are changing.

In an email to customers, Cc: Betty has disclosed that it’s changing its name to Threadbox. And actually the entire service will be morphing into a “new and improved product.” The changes are the result of 10 months of beta testing. From the email:

We’ve found our email integration/interaction to be very popular, given most of us manage our workflow from email. We’ve found some of our web interface experience to be clunky and some of it to be intuitive along the way. We’ve found our branding/packaging to work well for the casual, more personal use cases. But for the majority, the workplace oriented user, the branding/packaging while cute, needed to be tuned.

This new Threadbox product will officially launch this Spring. In the meantime, they’re allowing some of their most active users a change to demo Threadbox right now. Those interested can sign up for the waiting list here or on their new site.

Cc: Betty raised $500,000 in December of last year, and has $2 million in total funding now. As we noted during the last funding round, Threadbox has been the name of a project that founder Michael Cerda had been working on — but what wasn’t known is that Cc: Betty would become Threadbox.

Cc: Betty will continue to operate until Threadbox is ready to go. And at that time, they’ll offer a way for users to migrate their data over. Learn more about the new Threadbox in the video below (also note how they make fun of Google Wave).