Buffalo announces two Sony-licensed external HDDs for the PS3

We covered a slick new external HDD presented by Buffalo Japan just a few days ago, and now the same company announced [JP] the same HD-AV2.0TU2 (pictured above) was “officially licensed” by Sony as a PS3-compatible hard disc. The HDD is joined by another model, the HD-CL500U2/SC, which also received the green light from big S.

The HD-CL500U2/SC (pictured above) looks less flashy than the HD-AV2.0TU2, but other than that, both HDDs basically offer the same features, most importantly 500GB of storage space. Apart from the PS3, both USB HDDs also “officially support” the “Torne” DVR module to be released in Japan soon.

The HDDs will go on sale in Japan next month. Prices: $170 for the pretty model and $130 for the HD-CL500U2/SC. Buffalo does sell hard discs outside Japan, too, so chances are they will release these models in the US in the future.