Your next home might be insulated with aerogel, really

Areogel, the 90% air material previously used in such space platforms as the Mars Pathfinder Rover, is actually dropping in price. So much so that’s actually being used as insulation in some commercial applications. In fact the prices are dropping so much that it might soon be a standard option for residential homes.

Aerogels are made by removing the liquid from gels, resulting in a material that is more than 90 percent air. The porous structure of the nanomaterial makes it difficult for heat to pass through. As a result, aerogels make very good and light-weight insulators.

Aspen Aerogels says that its aerogel blankets have two to four times the insulating value per inch compared to fiberglass or foam. It’s also relatively easy to work with, allows water vapor to pass through and is fire resistant.

You really should hit up this link and watch the embedded video. These blankets don’t seem that revolutionary, but I guess that’s the point. Besides, it’s blue. Pink insulation was so 20th century.