What are you playing?

There is a virtual cornucopia, so to speak, of games out there right now, readers. From Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands to Bayonetta and Dark Void, to the constant stream of demos, freeware, and indie games — it’s a good time to be a gamer. We chat about games throughout the day, but we’d like to hear from you guys. Got any recommendations? Think something’s overrated? Looking forward to anything? What are you playing?

Here’s us, to get the ball rolling:

Devin: This week has been a week of smaller indie games, since I was disappointed by the latest Borderlands expansion, Dragon Age is getting boring, and I’m afraid of jumping back into Team Fortress even though I’m awesome at it. I’ve been playing Iji, a Flashback-esque sidescroller, CrimzonClover, an insane shoot-em-up, and Dungeons of Fayte, an incredibly frustrating yet somehow compelling little action RPG. I’m also trying to set new records in SNES Super Mario Kart.

Matt: I’m totally caught up in the Command & Conquer 4 beta right now. I maxed out the NOD class and just started playing as GDI. The game is totally different than the last 47 C&C games, but it’s also great fun so I’m alright with it. I still haven’t gotten around to installing and playing Mass Effect 2, but I expect that I’ll be bored with the four-map beta by week’s end. That’s next.

Dave: It’s all about Halo:ODST. Really enjoying the improved HUD and the new storyline. Add to that some World of Warcraft and Crysis, and you get the idea. Mainly playing ODST though.

Jimin: This baby is a Jupiter 593GL Deluxe. Plays like a dream. If dreams were saxophones. And could play a low A. Oh, you said what games we’re playing. I’ve started a new character on Fallout 3 emulating Han Solo. Give him the Lady Killer feat, max out his Speech skill, pretend Fawkes is a wookie, arm him with Smuggler’s End, and he’ll be sweet-talking his way through the Capitol Wasteland in no time.

John: I’ve been playing Burnout Paradise – but in 3D. It really adds a lot to the game to see your car crash into gates that then swing away from you wildly and seem to spring back in your face.

Greg: I’m hooked on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo to the point that I’m worried for my health. It’s a very no-nonsense game; the guns are accurate enough that I never feel that bad luck made me miss a shot, and there’s none of those wonky perks that make Modern Warfare 2 feel like Mario Kart. If the full game is as good as the demo, you should probably expect me to disappear for a few days come March 2nd.

Doug: I’ve been splitting time between NBA 2K10 on the PC and Mario Kart Wii, with the scales being tipped ever so slightly in Nintendo’s direction as far as pure playing time goes. Online play is highly addictive but I’m having fun trying to unlock all the goodies in single player mode, too. I never got the hang of using the Wii remote’s accelerometer for steering so I opted to use the classic controller instead. Now, however, I’m using the Wii remote + Nunchuck combo with the best results.