Vote to choose the next Pleo color

Here’s your chance to change history, and influence the future. The makers of the Pleo are holding a vote to decide exactly what color the new Pleo should be when they change it later this year. Oh, and if you like the original color scheme, you can get free shipping until the end of February.

It’s free shipping on everything, so if you have a hankering to spend that tax refund on a robotic dinosaur, here’s your chance to save some coin on the shipping. In addition to the color change vote (click here to vote by the way) you can also enter a contest to win a custom painted Pleo. The custom paint will be done by the original sculptor who designed the Pleo in the first place. The raffle ends on the 22nd, so don’t wait. You’ll just need to give the folks at PleoWorld your email address in order to win.