ViewLight: NEC announces four DLP projectors

NEC in Japan has announced [JP] a total of four new DLP data projectors today. The NP53J/NP54J/NP63J and NP64J are part of NEC’s so-called ViewLight projector series. All of the new models offer XGA resolution (1,024×768), a contrast ratio of 1,600:1 and rather weak 0.3W mono speakers.

The NP53J and NP54J have 200W lamps that produce 2,600 lumens, while the NP63J and NP64J feature 220W lamps with 3,000 lumens brightness. Only buyers of the NP54J and NP64J get a USB port that makes it possible to use the devices without a PC (a Bluetooth adapter that’s compatible to all four models costs an extra $150).

NEC plans to start selling the ViewLight projectors in Japan on February 10. Prices: $1,050 for the NP53J, $1,150 for the NP54J, $1,300 for the NP63J and $1,450 for the NP64J. NEC hasn’t said anything yet about offering these devices outside Japan (but the company does sell projectors internationally).