Gun comb: because you just don't get arrested enough already

We all want to get arrested more. It’s just a fact of life. Who doesn’t enjoy the beatings, the filthy back seat of the cop car, all the different varieties of holding cell? But doing real crimes results in lots of boring court time. So how to earn that trip to the station? Well, say goodbye to costly real guns, and say hello to the next generation of cop-baiting: the gun comb.

This versatile accessory guarantees the roughest handling: if they think it’s a real gun, you get shot or tackled. If they recognize that it’s just a gun-shaped object, you’ll be harassed and eventually arrested for some vague violation. It’s win-win!

Nice, right?! Get your gun comb here.

[via Stilsucht, Noquedanblogs, and LikeCool]