Gowalla Prepares To Roll Out On BlackBerry

The check-in arms race continues to heat up. Foursquare has been working fast to secure its place on not only the iPhone, but also Android, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, and most recently, Windows Mobile. But rival Gowalla is working hard to get onto the other platforms as well. Recently, they launched a version that works on Android phones through the web browser — and a similar method is bringing it to BlackBerry phones as well.

While it’s not quite live yet, it will be “very soon,” founder Josh Williams tweeted today. He also noted that he’s currently using it, and it seems to work well. When it’s live, BlackBerry users will just have to direct their browser to m.gowalla.com.

The mobile web version that Android uses takes advantage of the HTML5 elements of WebKit built into Android’s browser, which includes the ability to access location information in certain smartphones. The BlackBerry implementation isn’t quite as seamless, and requires a newer model of the device, we’re told. For it to work, users have to turn on their location in the browser settings, apparently.

Gowalla has said that they’re working on a native application for all the major mobile platforms, but in the short term, this mobile web version makes sense. Perhaps third party developers can use their soon-to-be-released API to speed the process along.