ChiliBed mattress features built-in cooling and heating from 48 to 118 degrees

A mattress for all seasons, as it were, the ChiliBed features mattress coils that carry cooled or heated water at temperatures ranging from 48 to 118 degrees. Developed by Todd Youngblood, the Chili technology is already available as a mattress pad although the ChiliBed will mark the first commercially available mattress to feature the heating and cooling built right in. Side note, Todd Youngblood is the nephew of the guy who invented the water bed.

As far as how the heating and cooling works:

“Similar to the semiconductor technology that cools computers, water passes by the chip and the water is cooled or heated. Water flows through the coils in the mattress to actively adjust the temperature of the surface at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning or heating.  No side effects, and most importantly a great night’s sleep.”

The ChiliBed mattress is environmentally-friendly, too, as it’s made from 100% soy. No word on actual pricing, but the mattress will be available for purchase on March 1st. The ChiliPad mattress pads are available now and range in price from $399 to $649, so it’s probably safe to expect that the ChiliBeds will cost a bit more.

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