BioShock 2 launch details: New trailer, bonus characters for GameStop pre-orders

Anyone else running through BioShock again in anticipation of new week’s launch of BioShock 2? I’m currently in Arcadia, which is about where I got to on the Xbox 360 version before tapping out. (I’m playing on the PC now. Yay.) But enough of that, let’s get to the topic at hand: BioShock 2‘s fancy launch. Take-Two has a bunch of stuff planned to ensure that, come February 9, you won’t be able to escape the call of Rapture.

So what’s going on?

• The trailer embedded here debuted on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night

• People who pre-order the game from GameStop will receive two *bonus* characters to use in multi-player

That’s it. Sorta muted, yes.

Regardless, the exciting part happens when the game unlocks on Steam. Single-player only, mind you. I can confidently say I won’t play a single minute of the game’s multi-player mode, but only because I’ve already played multi-player perfection.