Apple may or may not be testing USB 3.0 controllers

USB 3.0 is the future and, well, Apple likes to be on the edge of technology so it only makes sense that the company would be at least looking into implementing the new interface sometime real soon. After all HP is already shipping USB 3.0 in its Envy 15 series and that can’t sit right with Apple fanboys. But all we know right now comes from a Digitimes report that basically states that Genesys Logic is denying reports that its providing Apple with controllers. So yeah, we don’t really know anything.

Apple is usually very good about being the first company to implement up and coming standards. Think back to USB, Firewire, Firewire 800, and more recently, DisplayPort. Apple, however, hasn’t announced any new models within the past couple months when USB 3.0 tech was actually available. Chances are that whenever Apple outs the next MBPs or Mac Pros within the coming months, both will come with equipped with the goods.