You can't buy Japanese music on iTunes you say?

For anyone who listens to Keith Urban’s advice and actually buys music, you might have already noticed that most Japanese artists aren’t on iTunes. The reasons why are boring and complicated, but just know that our friends at J-List have a work around for anyone who really really wants every anime soundtrack ever.

Essentially, Japanese music record labels and Apple couldn’t come to an agreement over price, so Japanese music stays in Japan. Or on Apple’s small part of the Internet anyway.

Normally, you would need an iTunes account linked to a Japanese credit card and address to enjoy J-Pop. But these prepaid iTunes cards let you set up a dummy account and enjoy either 1500 or 3000 Yen worth. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a scan of your card by e-mail for instant aural gratification. They’ll run you 24.50 or 42.50 US.