The Nexus One Just Got Multi-Touch

Google has just started to deploy an update to the Nexus One that brings a long-desired feature to Android: Multi0touch.  In a blog post announcing the news, Google says that the new update will bring “Pinch-to-zoom functionality” to the Nexus One, which will allow users to pinch-to-zoom in the Android browser, Gallery, and Maps applications.

So does this mean that Multi-touch will be coming to all Android phones? Not quite yet.  A Google spokesperson says that multi-touch support is part of the Android 2.0 framework and that its integrated support on the Browser, gallery, and Maps applications will be part of the next Android update.  However, it will be up to carriers and device manufactures to roll the updated software to these devices.  

The post also says that Nexus Ones will be receiving some other updated apps.  The new version of Google Maps Navigation will include a ‘night mode’ that automatically changes the screen for optimized night time driving.  And Google Goggles, which lets you search with pictures, will now be included in the default set of applications on the phone.  Finally, 3G connectivity has been improved.

You may have to wait a little longer to get your update though — while the over-the-air update will start going out today, Google’s post says some users may not get it until the end of the week.

It’s worth pointing out that Android has actually supported Multitouch for some time — the functionality just hasn’t been implemented on most popular Android devices, like the Droid and Nexus One. Some software add-ons have been circling that enable multitouch in the Android browser, but this is the first time Google has baked the feature in.