Mac-in-news morning edition: There's a camera in that there bezel!

Rather than release multiple annoying stories about Apple we thought we’d condense a few major stories every morning and afternoon. In this way you, the reader, are spared more iPad news. Sound good? Good.

Point 1 – Rev 2.0 of the iPad will have a camera
Some dudes who fix Macs got their replacement iPad parts recently and discovered a small spot for a MacBook-sized camera and light sensor right in the top of the bezel. Excitement all around.

Point 2 – 90% of premium-PCs are Macs

Premium PCs, defined as costing over $1,000, are a pretty small market these days but it’s Apple’s market and they’re happy to have it. The company sold 9 out of 10 premium PCs at retail.

Point 3 – All 27-inch iMac production has stopped
Sucks if you just order a 27-inch Core ix iMac because there are some flickering problems with it and Apple stopped shipping them. MG found another fix for those dealing with the 27-inch problem.