For your protection: In the UK, if you refuse body scan you won't be allowed to board airplane

You’re certainly familiar with those full body scanners, installed at airports to prevent bad guys from bringing bad things aboard airplanes. They scan your body, producing a fairly clear 3D image of your naked body. It’s controversial because, really, who wants their naked body on display so some goon in a uniform can try to see if you have a knife taped against your leg? Oh, that’s your attitude, is it? Well then, no airplane for you! That got weird.

Right, so the scanners are installed in two UK airports, London’s Heathrow and Manchster’s whatever it’s called. (Scanners will soon be hitting the second city, Birmingham.) It just came down that, should you refuse to submit to a full body scan, you won’t be allowed to board the airplane.

That only makes sense. I mean, as far as any of this nonsense can make any sense to begin with. The way it works is, people are selected for full body scans based on certain criteria. Of course, these criteria haven’t been revealed. It’s sort of like winning the lottery, only it’s terribly inconvenient. Congratulations, you have to submit to a full body scan.

The number of people who have said variations of “Well, if you’re not doing anything wrong, why does it bother you?” truly boggles the mind. Way to completely miss the point, sirs.

Oh, whatever. Nobody cares.