BlockChalk Locates A New Co-Founder From Craigslist (Another Former Delicious Key Architect)

It looks like another Delicious key architect is migrating to the new location-based startup BlockChalk. The latest is Josh Whiting, who was formerly a lead engineer at Delicious for three and a half years (he was actually one of the first members of the team before they were acquired by Yahoo,. we’re told) before he left that role to become a senior engineer for Craigslist. Whiting joins former colleague, Stephen Hood, who was the product lead at Delicious before starting BlockChalk with Dave Baggeroer of Stanford’s Institute of Design.

Along with his title of co-founder, Whiting will be BlockChalk’s chief engineer. The location space continues to be red hot right now, and BlockChalk has a compelling, yet simple product. It’s a mobile app that lets you adds notes to the real world by pinning them to any location. Hood notes that in the past few weeks alone, they’ve doubled traffic and users, and are now available in 111 countries, 8217 cities, and nearly 13,000 neighborhoods all over the world.

Whiting’s engineering expertise will certainly come in handy, as will the local experience he’s picked up with Craigslist for the past year. You can find the BlockChalk iPhone app here in the App Store. Or simply use the mobile web to use it on Android phones (or the iPhone since it’s HTML5-ready).