A bathtub with portholes, so you can look out – or in

You are now aware that bathtubs can have portholes. I was actually about to ask why we don’t have clear bathtubs (we do, in fact) and it occurred to me that, well, let’s be honest: that thing isn’t going to look clear for long. Soap, water, and our natural oils will do their work to make that large expanse of glass nearly opaque after a little while. But portholes? Easy enough to deal with.

What surprises me is that such a cool design is actually pretty reasonably priced. Well, maybe not reasonable, but certainly not extravagant. A tub will cost you €2700, or about $3760. I would have guessed about twice that. And just having portholes fitted to your existing tub is a paltry €550, or $770.

Okay, that’s actually pretty expensive, but it’s still kind of awesome.