The Alienware M11x netbook gets priced, dated and detailed

The Alienware M11x is an odd duck. The company calls it a netbook, but it’s packing a Core 2 Duo CPU and 1GB NVIDIA GT 335M GPU. Even the 720p-capable 11.6-inch screen doesn’t exactly screen netbook. Then there is the target $899 price that just knocks it the hell out of the netbook realm. So, yeah, let’s just call the M11x what it is: an ultra-portable.

Still, we wish this was the standard for netbooks. Then we wouldn’t claim they were the bane of humanity, set out to destroy computing for everyone. No, we would be lounging on our couches, playing Mass Effect 2 on our netbooks.

None of this Alienware M11x info is official just yet. Hopefully either Alienware or its Dell overlords will come clean with the full specs and release info soon. We’re starting to get bored with the M11x. [Sina via Netbooked via Engadget]