The Acer GD235HZ 23-inch LCD monitor is ready for 3D even if you aren't

In case you didn’t notice, CES 2010 was full of 3D. It was everywhere and the Acer GD235HZ is ready to play with all of it. The 23.6-inch, 1080p LCD is specifically designed to work nicely with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision active shutter glasses, but of course they don’t come with it.

The NVIDIA kit costs an extra $199 on top of the monitor’s $399 MSRP and require the right graphics card, too. But if you’re ready to test the 3D waters, this option is still less expensive even with all that extra stuff than refitting your home theater with a new 3D display and Blu-ray player. That is, of course, if you won’t mind watching Avatar on a 23.6-inch display. If this sounds like you, Amazon has the set available.