CoolIT now has a universal GPU liquid cooling solution, the Omni A.L.C

Liquid cooling is a funny thing. Generally each specific part needs a specific cooling adapter as there isn’t many one-size-fits-all solution. That’s still the case for most components, but CoolIT now has GPUs covered.

The key here is the inexpensive, swappable interposer plates that attach directly to the graphics card. The other two parts, the water block and liquid plate, are universal and should work in nearly any system. There are currently interposer plates for most graphics cards with CoolIT committing to keep up the product line to support cards as they are released.

But as of writing, there is no word on its cost or release date. Most of CoolIT’s products are reasonably priced though, so this one will likely be no different. [CoolIT via OhGizmo]