250GB Xbox 360 add-on hard drive en route to Japan: March 11, $170


How long until this is announced for North America? Microsoft plans to release a 250GB add-on hard drive for the Xbox 360. The thing is, so far, it’s only been officially announced for Japan.

The hard drive will cost ¥15,540, or around $170, when it’s released on March 11. Feel free to whinge about the price of the hard drive compared to other 2.5-inch hard drives on the market. That hard, plastic shell cost millions to research and develop, to say nothing of the raw materials!

Right now, the biggest add-on hard drive you can buy for the Xbox 360 is 120GB, so this new one is more than double the capacity. Yes, I know you can do basic maths, but my doing it makes the post look longer. Clever tricks, etc.

Go ahead and browse the Xbox Live Marketplace—there’s a lot of stuff you can buy. All that stuff takes hard drive space, making this new 250GB model fit and proper.

End transmission.