Jobs calls Adobe lazy, calls Google on their "bullshit"

Ahh Steve. You can always be depended on to serve up a healthy dose of crazy. It’s just fortunate that people put up with your own special brand of crazy that no other CEO could put up with. For example, at a company wide Town Hall, Steve Jobs had some very special things to say about Adobe and Google and their business practices.

Typically after each product launch Steve holds a company wide “Town Hall” meeting at corporate headquarters. These meetings give Steve a chance to talk to the employees, and also give employees a chance to ask questions (if they are brave enough). During the most recent meeting, Steve had a few choice things to say about Google and Adobe, and offered somewhat of an explanation about why the iPhone/iPod/iPad won’t support Flash.

On the subject of Google, Steve said that their avowed policy of “Do no Evil” is “bullshit.” He called the release of the Nexus phone a direct attack on the iPhone, and stated that he won’t let them win.

Google wasn’t the only target of Jobsian ire, Adobe took their lumps on the subject of Flash. Steve called Adobe lazy, and said that while they have the potential to do interesting things, they don’t. He said that the reason Apple doesn’t support Flash is because it’s so buggy, and whenever a Mac crashes it’s most likely because of Flash. Steve also predicted that it won’t be long before everyone leaves Flash behind as the standard moves forward to HTML5.