Belgian Band Gets Creative With Video Annotations On YouTube

YouTube has long introduced ways for users to annotate their videos and add links to external websites, other videos on the site, and more. But I haven’t seen that many people or companies make use of video annotations in creative ways – I don’t spend that much time on YouTube to be honest, so maybe it’s just me.

Belgian electro band The Subs got in touch with us to let us know how they use video annotations to spice up their The Famous Videocast project, and the result is pretty neat if you ask me.

In the videocast, the band members point to other videos which you can easily watch without having to jump to another tab or webpage (that is, if you’re on YouTube and not watching it here or anywhere else where it gets embedded).

If you don’t click, the videocast just keeps rolling, but if you do you can watch other videos and return to where you left off in the videocast with a single click.

Simple, but nice.