The Virtual Revolution mashed-up by those darn users

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The BBC’s new documentary, The Virtual Revolution, is ploughing a few new paths. Not only is it broadcasting an official hashtag every time it appears on a Saturday night (#bbcrevolution is way longer than my suggested #vrev… so much for crowdsourcing, but hey). It’s also allowing anyone to mashup its footage in a Creative Commons kind of way. Very nice of them. Of course, some of the results are, rather than re-imagining the storytelling, designed instead to make fun of the pundits on the show. Darn that InterWeb! This one is by Cassetteboy.

  • John

    Sad thing about this show is its apparent under promotion & lack of buzz.

    Oh, and the “sitting with a mac in varied locations to underline this is all about technology”.

    Apart from that – very enjoyable. And of course @ajkeen stole the show with his dog remark.


    • AlexP

      evidently hasn’t been under promoted on the web….

  • William

    I’ll be looking out for the credit for Ivo Gormley’s “Us Now”….

  • Steve

    Supremely ironic that a programme that bills itself as…
    “A unique open source BBC documentary about the web.”
    …is restricted in the BBC iPlayer and only available in the UK. Thank goodness for bittorrent!

  • Mike Butcher

    I believe the show will appear on the BBC iPlayer internationally shortly. (The first show to do so I gather)

    • Steve

      Not according to @aleksk. See tweet here…

      Which is a shame as it goes against the whole ethos of the project and means that some of those who contributed can’t watch.

      • Mike Butcher

        Yes, correct, shame about that.

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