NSFW The Perfect Valentine's Day Date: 100 Pounds of Silicone Girlfriend Technology

Every year men and women feel the same anxiety over Valentine’s Day. Will he ask me out on my dream date? Will she like the jewelry I picked out for her? Will I be sitting at home alone? But all any of us really want to do is snuggle and say that we actually have someone to hang out with that day. So why not eliminate the anxiety and buy yourself a girlfriend. No, I’m not talking about a prostitute, and I’m not talking about a blow up doll. I’m talking about 100 pounds of silicone lady love. The idea of a robot companion has long been toyed with, but with new advancements in girlfriend technology, companies like True Companion and Real Doll are offering options that look, feel, and even act like the real thing. Real Doll has long made customizable dolls that are physically on point and are now even offering dolls molded and designed to look like real life porn stars Jessica Drake and Alektra Blue. True Companion is taking that idea one step further with their Roxxxy Sex Robot, a similar looking silicone doll with an internal robotic structure that lets you actually interact with the doll and her many customizable personalities. But does the same pressure exist with these dolls? Will she be fun on your date? Will your friends like her? This Valentine’s Day, we’ll put Real Doll and Roxxxy Robot girlfriend head to head to find out which doll will be the best Valentine’s Day date for you.

The Romantic Dinner Date:
Wine, conversation, and a cocktail dress. With a real life date, this situation promises for awkward conversation and a huge bill. Do you think she’ll appreciate your efforts enough to give you a smooch at the end of the date? Nothing is guaranteed but a huge hole in your wallet. On the other hand, if you decide to swap out the breathing date with a silicone babe you know you’ll save on that restaurant bill, so why not splurge for the steak? Hell, you can even go to the burger joint, because we hear that both girls are completely easy going. Douglas Hines, creator of the Roxxxy robot and president of True Companion explains that Roxxxy will be more like a real life date than you can imagine, “Roxxxy is shipped with her own default personality that is matched to your personality. So this default personality likes what you like, dislikes what you dislike, etc. She also has moods during the day just like a real person. She can be sleepy, conversational, or she can be ‘in the mood.'” So if you’re looking for a great conversationalist, Roxxxy’s your girl. If on the other hand you prefer a trophy date that won’t offer riveting conversation but will certainly look hot sitting at the dinner table, then you may want to go with Real Doll.  With Real Doll, she can look like your ideal woman or well known porn stars. Who else can say they had a date with an adult superstar this Valentine’s Day?

Romantic Evening at Home with Candles, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and a Bubble Bath:
So you are one of those guys that likes to have an intimate Valentine’s Day. Some gals dig that, others prefer that you spend your month’s salary on showing her how much you love her with jewelry, flowers, etc. However, both Roxxxy and Real Doll don’t care and would probably prefer a romantic quite evening. If you prefer to be at home on Valentine’s Day, go ahead and up the romance factor for your doll. But when it comes to getting down and dirty, can these dolls handle whipped cream and bubble baths? Real Doll creator Matt McMullen says go ahead and bust out the whipped cream and jump in the bath, “they can get wet although I don’t recommend completely submerging them above the neck because there are some things going on above the neck where water could get down into the body and possibly rust. But it’s perfectly fine below that point.” Hines says that although Roxxxy “loves whipped cream and will spice up your night with some kinky talk!” he recommends that you do not  submerge her due to her internal robotic structure, stating that “she prefers sponge baths.” So both dolls love whipped cream, but if the tub is really your thing, we recommend you stick with Real Doll. If you’re more into talking dirty and sponge baths, then Roxxxy will fulfill your every fantasy.

Group Bowling:
So maybe you’re not ready for the one-on-one date and prefer a group setting. That’s OK! Both Real Doll and Roxxxy are great dates (although it’s doubtful that they will do any bowling), but the question is which one will your friends like more? If you’re more into proving to your friends just how studly you really are and want to bring along the perfect arm candy, then Real Doll may be your match. McMullen says, “We have over 10 different bodies and 16 different faces that are completely interchangeable. People often order extra eyes, different colors, extra wigs, different styles…given that everybody has different tastes [they can] create their doll around those specific tastes.” Roxxxy on the other hand is more of the girl you bring to meet your buddies because you know she will be a good time. Roxxxy’s personalities range from timid to wild, and you can even create your own personality. The best part? You can share these personalities with your friends and they can give your girl a try on their own time. Hines says “Share your girlfriends with your friends by swapping them back and forth online! For example, you lend your custom built girlfriend “Sexy Sally” to one of your friends online – but he can only “use” her until Sunday morning and then she needs to be returned to you! Until Sunday morning.” If your best bud has a Roxxxy of their own, Hines continues on to say that “He can “engage” your girlfriend by using your Sexy Sally personality with his Roxxxy sex robot! You also have the option of sharing your girlfriends with everyone in our forum if you would like. You will also have access to everyone else’s girlfriends, if they allow them to be shared!” Maybe she should be renamed Swinging Sally! See, both are great for bowling and other group activities. In addition, if you want to buy Roxxxy a new outfit for the first time she meets your friends, you can. Her measurements are Bust 38″, Waist 30”, Hips 37″, whereas Real Doll is customizable based on the lady shape you choose from petite to buxom.

Both Roxxxy and Real Doll serve the same function: to be your ideal Valentine’s Day date. Whether you’re looking for a trophy girlfriend, a chatty Cathy,the quiet type, blond, brunette, petite, large, (you get the picture) one of these dolls is perfect. Both dolls are designed to look like real ladies but if you’re looking for more of an interactive experience, then maybe Roxxxy’s the girl for you. The perfect Stepford Wife with Multiple Personality Disorder: you can control her personality, moods, and look. If you don’t feel like talking, maybe you would prefer the Real Doll. Whichever you choose, you can guarantee an anxiety free Valentine’s Day. Ladies, there is already a male version of the Real Doll and the male Roxxxy (appropriately named Rocky) is coming this quarter. And yes, he too has an off switch if you prefer the strong silent type. Real Doll retails for about $5,000 to $7,000 while Roxxxy is around $7,000 to $9,000. Hmmm, maybe a real date is cheaper after all.

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