Remember when I was all like "The iPad does Flash?" Yeah. Well. No.

Yes, I knew Apple would never add Flash. Yes, I knew it was probably an accident that they showed Flash. But Apple, as we see, does nothing without running it past a vat full of lawyers. That they showed Flash on an iPad running on the NY Times website was clearly a mistake and, more important, was a mistake they quickly repaired.

Why did I post the original question? Because if they showed Flash, we could only presume it would work on the iPad. Apple gives you as much information as they want you to have and they rarely leak. The clearly incompetent video guy who stuffed the NY Times screen onto the iPad is probably dead in a ditch somewhere, throttled by gloved hands under a moonless Cupertino night and now the video he produced has been repaired.

So anyway, mea culpa. I suck. But clearly the meme stuck in Apple’s craw enough that they fixed it once and for all.

via iPadInsider