Apisphere Raises $4.6 Million For Geolocation Apps

Apisphere, a startup that delivers location-aware technologies to mobile applications, has raised $4.6 million in funding according to an SEC filing. Apisphere creates mobile applications that use location-aware technologies to provide customized information to users.

For example, the startup created Apisphere for Outlook, a location aware plug-in for Microsoft’s Outlook that lets users to send and receive automatic messages on their mobile devices or GPS-enabled laptops based on their Outlook calendar and location. So when a meeting is scheduled in Outlook, the plug-in will provide relevant location-based information around the event including mapping, real-time traffic updates and geo-triggered voice and text messages for reminders on the go.

Apisphere has also created a plug-in for Salesforce’s CRM that allows users to receive contextually relevant information to send sales reps the most relevant, location-based information for the sales leads. So a sales rep could get client-specific information on the go when meeting a particular client.