These "home commuting" accessories may just make a blogger out of you

Working from home can be a good gig, but as any of us bloggers can tell you, there are real challenges. Lack of regular human contact, for instance, can make a wild animal out of anyone. My neighbors can testify, having occasionally to disengage my teeth from the calves of FedEx guys who come to my door. I’d chase them outside, but it’s so bright! And with no appearance standards to live up to, hygiene can become a problem. This is the beard of a lazy man, my friends, a lazy, lazy man. But I try to keep the birds out of it, at least.

But enough of that. You know what I’m talking about, homebodies. Luckily for us, a Mr. Gordon Wu has introduced a series of products that recreate the office environment at home. Like the Eleva-door! Who wouldn’t want to wait for an imaginary elevator to come to your “floor” before being allowed to enter your work area?

And of course, you must keep active while at the office! I remember walking to and from the front desk, mail room, copy room, and so on until my feet hurt back when I was a 9 to 5er. But now I just wave my arms around and flex my toes to keep the blood moving. What I need is a Wu Fit Wonder Walk!

There’s lots more home-office (or truck-mounted office) insanity at the designer’s website. Check out the PDF on the right side there and learn of such marvels as the stapler phone and iHolepunch.

[Nice find, Treehugger]