The Meme That Will Never Die: Hitler Debunks The iPad

While everyone is raving about the iPad, one person who doesn’t like it is Hitler.  The YouTube parody above takes the now all-too-common final scene from the movie Downfall and replaces the subtitles with a rant against the iPad. It’s the meme that will never die (there are at least 50 Hitler parodies using the same scene with different subtitles, here’s one about Facebook buying FriendFeed).

So what exactly does Hitler have against the iPad?

  • “The iPad won’t support multitasking”
  • “They didn’t give it a camera, fine. But it’s on AT&T!  How am I supposed to use their crappy network?”
  • “eBooks?  If I wanted eBooks, I’d buy a Kindle.”
  • “It could have single-handedly destroyed netbooks.  But what do we get instead? An oversized iPod Touch!”
  • “It can’t even make phone calls!”
  • “I wanted to watch videos of lolcats while laying on the couch. But no, they won’t even give it flash support.”

Somehow, it’s funnier when Hitler says it. Watch the video.