Mouse pad + 10-key + USB hub = Converged hotness

Oh man, I must be dreaming. Please don’t wake up! Please don’t wake up! Please don’t wake up! A mouse pad with a built-in 10-key number pad AND a three-port USB hub? All for $25?!


It seems a little odd that the keypad would be to the left of the mouse pad but those of you lefties out there who also happen to be accountants with at least three USB peripherals that need to be plugged in have found your ultimate work-related number crunching weapon. According to the product description:

“This 3 USB Hub PC Keyboard Mouse Pad provides your mouse with a smooth surface ensuring greater accuracy, control, and faster response. It makes you point, click and drag quickly, smoothly and accurately. The numeric keyboard is very convenient to you.”

It’s also “easy to use, hot plug & play.” And who doesn’t like a little hot plug and play action?

3 in 1 Numeric Keyboard Mouse Pad Mat with 3 USB Hub [Meritline]