More LED-backlit LCD TVs: Sharp announces another four models

LED-backlit panels are becoming more and more mainstream, with nearly every 16:9 laptop coming out lately boasting that feature. Apple said as early as 2008 they would start using LED backlights for every one of their notebooks (and the iPad has those, too).

LED-backlit LCD TVs are catching on, too, providing greater dynamic contrast compared with CCFL-backlit LCDs and making it possible to design slimmer bodies. Today, Sharp in Japan announced [JP] another four models (LC-52SE1/pictured, LC-46SE1, LC-40SE1 and LC-32SC1) from their LED AQUOS series, and all have (white) LED backlights.

Three of the new Sharp TVs are full HD (the 40/46/52-inch models), while the smallest model (32 inches) features 1,366×768 resolution only. All models boast a great contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, web connectivity (Japanese users can access the “Yahoo! JAPAN for AQUOS” channel, for example), three HDMI ports, and 2x10W speakers.

There’s also a “move sensor” (see picture above) that can be programmed so the TV turns itself off automatically when you leave the room and turns itself on again when you re-enter (range: 3m). The idea is to help save energy, and Sharp says they managed to cut general power consumption in these models by 30%.

In Japan, all of the TVs will go on sale on February 25 (no international sales plans have been announced yet by Sharp). Prices: $1,200 for the smallest TV, $2,000 for the 40-incher, $3,100 for the 46-incher and $3,900 for the biggest model.

Via AV Watch [JP]