DIY: Motorcycle cowling increases mileage, decreases sex appeal, exponentially

This particular DIY project makes sense. It’s been proven that in order to increase the MPG on your motorcycle (or scooter in this case), all you need to do it add a cowling. Cyclists use this concept in increase speed, the solar powered cars use this, it makes sense. That still doesn’t mean that you should do it, at least, not in this color.

The builder, a man named Allert Jacobs was getting 114mpg on his Honda Innova scooter. He was convinced he could get more, so he built this rather nice shell to go over the scooter to see if it would help him be more efficient. Turns out it worked! Allert was able to get an amazing 214mpg at 55 miles per hour. It’s just unfortunate that he likes seafoam green.

[via Gizmodo]