The iPad may not have a camera, but it sure thinks it does

Surprised that the iPad doesn’t have a camera? Yeah, so are we – and if these screenshots of the just-released iPad emulator are any indication, so is someone on Apple’s software development team.

Tucked away within the iPad’s contacts application is an “Add Photo” button, purposed with.. well, adding photos. Everyone likes having photos assigned to their contacts, and there’s more than enough space on this thing to sync photos of all your friends – so nothing too strange there. What is odd, however, is the prompt that pops up: do you want to “Choose Existing Photo”, or do you want to “Take Photo”?

So what’s going on here? Did the iPad once have a camera, and it was pulled on such short notice that they didn’t have time to strip it out of the software? Does Apple planning on stealthily adding a camera to the features list some time in the next 60 days, as some sort of super-late “One more thing..”? Or did Apple just port much of the iPad contacts app from the iPhone version, and forget to lop out one of functions? The last possibility seems most likely – but if it ends up being that second one, we’d be just fine with that.