Did Nintendo pass on Natal?

It’s too early to say whether Natal will be a hit — too early to really even say if it works or not, really — but we know it’s captured the imaginations of gamers and developers alike. But apparently it didn’t impress Nintendo when they were (allegedly) pitched with an early version of the tech back in 2007. To be fair, it was in a rougher state than we have seen it, and of course Nintendo already had a working motion control technology and another in the works. Still, it’s interesting to think what might have happened if the big N had snapped it up instead of the big M.

The source is a “very high-placed insider,” but could also be the author’s dog. He says that Satoru Iwata saw the technology and was impressed, but didn’t think they could make it happen for a Wii-like price point. That has some truth to it, since apparently Microsoft has been struggling to get the thing’s cost under $100.

[via Electronista]