Confirmed – iPad to ship in Europe in March

Apple’s European PR team have confirmed the impending arrival, inside two months, of the Apple iPad to European shores.

A spokesperson told me that the Wi-Fi version will ship worldwide in March but she added, “Watch this space for Wi-Fi plus 3G.”

In other words it’s clear Apple is still in negotiations with mobile carriers over which will stock the new device.

Unfortunately there is no word yet on international pricing.

However, normally Apple devices are more expensive than a straight dollar to Euro conversion would suggest, so the base Wi-Fi-only model is quite likely to come in at over €400.

Meanwhile, tell us what you think of the iPad. Love it? Hate it? Will Europeans like lugging this device around or will you your stick to “normal” laptops, netbooks, whatever.

Leave us your comments below.

Update: Apple’s PR people are getting a little antsy – coming back to us saying that “international pricing and worldwide availability will be announced at a later date.” In other words they now say the above wasn’t an official statement about shipping the iPad specifically in March.

However, it was official enough when they told us last night, so we’re keeping it here. Typically, all of Apple’s PR is run like a Stalinist bootcamp from the US, so anyone in Europe deviating even slightly from the party line tends to be subjected to the ducking chair. I forgive them. They’re just following orders.