Confirmed – iPad to ship in Europe in March

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Apple’s European PR team have confirmed the impending arrival, inside two months, of the Apple iPad to European shores.

A spokesperson told me that the Wi-Fi version will ship worldwide in March but she added, “Watch this space for Wi-Fi plus 3G.”

In other words it’s clear Apple is still in negotiations with mobile carriers over which will stock the new device.

Unfortunately there is no word yet on international pricing.

However, normally Apple devices are more expensive than a straight dollar to Euro conversion would suggest, so the base Wi-Fi-only model is quite likely to come in at over €400.

Meanwhile, tell us what you think of the iPad. Love it? Hate it? Will Europeans like lugging this device around or will you your stick to “normal” laptops, netbooks, whatever.

Leave us your comments below.

Update: Apple’s PR people are getting a little antsy – coming back to us saying that “international pricing and worldwide availability will be announced at a later date.” In other words they now say the above wasn’t an official statement about shipping the iPad specifically in March.

However, it was official enough when they told us last night, so we’re keeping it here. Typically, all of Apple’s PR is run like a Stalinist bootcamp from the US, so anyone in Europe deviating even slightly from the party line tends to be subjected to the ducking chair. I forgive them. They’re just following orders.

  • Bob

    Love it. Been waiting for something like it ever since the Newton. Far better than both an iPhone and an ordinary laptop in meetings, for taking notes, calendar, quickly gathering information, finding contacts and what not.

    Don’t really need it for personal leisure use but definitely for business.

    • geoman

      iDon’t know what could be more worse than not to add a GPS capability like the ones from garmin on this model, I mean its 2010 already, right? GPS should be a part of our normal lives. GPS details:

      I concur that this one is not a necessity, neither a must have…

  • Peter Cooper

    I did some surveying of $->£ prices on the respective Apple Stores and it seems to wobble a lot between a nominal 15-30% difference (nominal, not actual currency conversion – and this also is no-sales-tax->VAT).

    Going for a nominal 20% on $499 gets us £399.20.. so I’d be surprised if it didn’t come in at £399 on the entry level. Goes up to about £649 on the high end one though :-)

  • Tyson

    No multi tasking, no real GPS, no camera, no flash, no love

    • Tom


    • dave

      I will buy 2 iPad asap.

      Why the iPAD is a Winner and the bigger Game Changer :

      1)It’s the final convergence device
      2)Battery it’s critical for such pervasive device (10h outstanding)
      3)Price was the show stopper : 499 is amazing
      4)Camera could be an accessory
      5)Flash will be dead in 24 months (HTML5)
      6)iPad complements perfectly the iPhone, iPod, any Smartphone and any Laptop/Desktop
      7)Semi-multitasking to come with OS 4.0

      It’s a NOBRAINER, will change the way we read, browse, learn and collaborate or work…

      And that’s just the beginning of a new era.

      • Jerry

        Another subscription is crazy .. too expensive … I already pay the one of my iphone …
        It’s a terrible error not to allow a connection through phone !!!!

      • Matt Auckland

        HTML5 and CSS3 still aren’t fully supported in ALL major browsers. I even find it patchy in Chrome which tends to run most stuff ok.

        Not including Flash is narrow minded, and it made me giggle a little when Steve scrolled through the web pages during the demo, seeing the place holder where the flash should be.

        Surprised they didn’t learn from the backlash stemming from the lack of flash support on the iPhone. Possibly a fix for the future? I hope so.

      • I win.

        True, flash might be dead in 24 months. Chances are your ipad will be dead around then too though

  • John

    I really want it. But… Depends how much it’s gonna cost in England.

    Probably $ > £ conversion. It’s ridiculous.

  • Bryn Morgan

    Looks great (like all Apple products), Will it bring a larger market share to Apple (by taking people from other devices) maybe, will it be the death of the laptop, defo not, will this form factor be the potential end of the laptop, not the end but may cause a “netbook” effect and shift a lot of people.

  • NKLV

    Its alright, but I am not going to be an early adopter. 1 Ghz? 64 GB? Clearly Apple are setting up an update cycle, and I am not going to get played over specs now – especially since the UK version will be more expensive, (although more than €400 euro sound unlikely).

  • Paul M. Watson

    I like it and as an iPhone developer it is a no brainer to develop for. $499 even in Euro terms shouldn’t be too bad. Close enough to lure Kindle buyers away (I was waiting for this announcement before deciding on buying a Kindle. No more.)

  • JTSD

    so if I get this right the best way to multitask on iPad is to load Gmail in Safari with chat, calendar and todo widgets. kinda sad

  • Matej

    Pass on this one, the first version of any Apple product tend be outdated soon.

    Not to mention that the product is a big let down overall. iPhone OS ? please …

  • bob

    im sorry what is this device again?

  • ramiro marques

    I love it. I am from portugal and I will buy one as soon as it is available in Europe.

    • Jobs

      iPad is a #strongbuy

  • Jobs

    Great News, we will give one away to our users at after EU launch for free. Great product for media.

  • Eduardo

    I really want a Kindle DX. I hope this announcement will bring the price down!

  • Jo_Idiotsingracia

    I don’t think it is the revolutionary gadget we were all waiting for… It doesn’t seem to run on e-ink or similar, so it is not really a competitor for kindle, it is just a different thing…

    And i don’t feel that the iPad offers anything really different from the iPhone or a regular netbook…

  • Darren

    Normally apple convert the dollar to pound and then add on 20%

    I hope they release that 3g version in the 90 days they promised.

    I also hope they don’t try and make me get a data contract for it when I already have one.

  • Robin

    The ipad is already listed on Amazon germany ( Price starting at 499€ (as usual a bit more expensive than in the states)
    greetings from germany!

  • Andrew Hawken

    Look at the last few seconds of the official video, just as it fades out. Apple haven’t got FCC approval. That’s why there is a delay on 3G version. Nothing to do with carrier negotiation. Do pay attention Bond!

    • Mike Butcher

      I meant carrier negotiations *in Europe*.

  • browse

    TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) already offers a pay-as-you-go 50MB/day service for 10EUR per month.

    • alex grant

      I hate TIM. Recently I spent 120 in credit in one week because everytime I would go online with iphone it would suck the credit dry in minutes even though i was on the 50MB a day deal.

      What was TIM’s answer – We don’t know and you are not getting you money back. Total ripp-off.

  • vinceslas

    Just wait until you get a couple of Ipad specific applications that will change the you work and communicate. Its more handy than a laptop while on the move and you can do a lot of things that the small iphone screen doesn’t allow. Entering data on the fly will be made much easier.

  • Eamonn

    Vodafone Ireland offer 50mb per day for 99c -anywhere there is a Vodafone network in Europe!

  • Eamonn

    The 3G version isn’t a deal-breaker for me. I have a MiFi in my pocket and that is all I need.

    • Roland

      Certainly with a MiFi on the 3 network the cheaper version of the iPad might not work out too bad but this is certainly not a laptop replacement. I’d be more likely to use it around the house for showing friends photos,, etc but would stick to my iPod for watching movies and playing games on the train to work.

  • Paolo

    I carry my netbook on trains to keep on working (writing software) so the iPad won’t be a replacement for that. It could replace the netbook and the screen of the phone for all non work related activities and surely it’s good at home for casual browsing but:

    – it’s larger than a phone: this is good for some applications but useless for others (I read books on my phone) and bad for fitting into pockets
    – there is a limit to the number of data contracts one can pay for.

    Conclusion: I’m still undecided about this class of devices. Well, maybe it’s ok for the people that use a computer only to browse the internet (but no flash is a big con) and to play games because they’re trained to play on consoles anyway.

  • Mr Cubes

    Good to hear it’ll be here in March.
    For my take on it, including a teaser for the app I’m working on for it, see my blog at:

  • Paltrawke

    Natural thing for apple is to convert $ to € as 1:1. So pricing in Europe wil start from 499€. better to travel to us to bring it.

  • lachs

    as expected they will do the same thing they usually do in Germany: convert $ prices 1:1 into € prices – resulting in 499/599/699€ for WiFi and 629/729/829 for 3G (whereas the term UMTS is more familiar for us ;-) see

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