A gaggle of FujiFilm FinePix cameras leak

Hmmm, unannounced digital cameras. Got to love the Internet. Anyway, LetsGoDigital dug up details about four tasty FujiFilm FinePix cameras. These aren’t just Wal-Mart specials, either. Oh no, take notice, these boys are nice, especially the S2500HD with an 18x optical zoom and 720p recording mode. Hit the jump for pics and details.

The S2500HD is equipped with a mechanically stabilized CCD sensor and that massive 28-504 mm lens. No word on MP count, pricing or target launch date, though.

The S1730 forgos the 18x zoom for a 15x kit. However, this model has dual image stabilization and a 12MP CCD sensor capable of capturing images up to ISO 6400 and recording video at 720p.

The S1600 is a bit more compact but still manages a 15x optical zoom and 12.2 MP sensor. This model can also shoot 720p video.

Then there’s the pocket JX530. 14MP, wide-angle 5x optical zoom, digital image stabilization, & 720p video. Pass.

[LetsGoDigital.org via Photo Rumors]