Tea Sub. For your daily cuteness infusion needs

I’m not a tea drinker yet, but I’ve already started thinking about what method I’ll be using to create the stuff. I mean, you can go loose leaf, or glass infuser, or tea ball, regular bags, and probably a number of other ways as well. Look at this thing, for example. I guess it falls under the infuser category, or a cross with tea ball, but let’s just call it what it is: a shameless attempt to get young children hooked on tea.

Well, that’s probably putting it a bit strongly. It’s also for Beatles fans.

The Tea Sub can be found here, although if you can figure out how to order one, tell us, because Matt wants one bad. Pre-order here!

Also: special behind-the-scenes look at the CrunchGear chatroom! Featuring Greg, who is skeptical, and me, unfocused as usual.

[via Noquedanblogs and Reddit]