Show your love for illumination and keyboards with this USB key light


People at work know you even though they haven’t met you. “Oh, Carl? Yeah, the keyboard guy. Dude LOVES keyboards. Won’t shut up about them. I heard he’s crazy. Like, Judo crazy. Like, don’t say anything bad about keyboards or he’ll put you in some weird Judo hold.”

If that sounds like you, Carl, then get $14 ready.

Actually, sorry, you’ll need $56 – please don’t put me in a Judo hold! That’s because there are four USB keyboard lights, each with a different whimsical keyboard key adorning the top. And being that everyone at work knows you as The Keyboard Guy, for you to not buy all four would arouse suspicion in everyone at work from Accounting to Zoology.

All your favorites are here: Del, Esc, Ctrl, and Shift. The Shift key even has the little arrow!!! The lights are powered via USB and a simple downward press illuminates the built-in LED bulb.

USB Keypress Light [USB Geek]