Media Markt, German retailer, leaks iPad name and price? (no)

Media Markt is large German retailer with, it seems, an overactive Twitter account (and, it must be said, a very red website). claims they caught them in the act of tweeting the name and price of the upcoming Apple Tablet.

I’ll not tease you. It says iPad, and the price is €499 with a €120/month T-Mobile contract or €899 without. Hmm. I can’t say this confirms our suspicions, since the carrier is rumored to be Verizon (not T-Mo at any rate) and the price under $1000. And €120/month? Unless that includes free access to, oh I don’t know, everything in the world, I’m thinking nein.

My guess is that Media Markt was getting a Twitter template set up, and put placeholder prices and names in there. Someone hit submit instead of whatever they meant to do, and boom, up it went — only to come down a half hour later.

Commenter Dominik notes below that Apple and T-Mo are buds in Germany and Complete L would be the super-lux mobile package. I was of course foolish to forget that Verizon’s reach does not extend that far — which I found out to my horror when I was traveling. Thanks, Dominik. All the numbers still seem too high to me, though, I’m leaning towards mockup.