MagicJack CEO: netTalk is garbage! netTALK: No we aren't!

I love CEO spats. A few days ago the MagicJack CEO, Dan Borislow (Shown above at his party at CES. Seriously. It was just like that.) was talking about his femtocell and was all like:

I’m sure you’ve heard of netTALK, the new magicJack rival. Any opinions on the device?
It’s a piece of sh*t. It has static. The call quality is pathetic. There’s no phone numbers available, and it’s run by a bunch of fly-by-nights with no assets. They’ll be bankrupt soon. We’re a real company with the best network and best software.


So anyway, netTALK is now all like:

We, at netTALK, would like to respond to the comments made about our company and our product, the TK6000, as of late. Contrary to comments made, our company is founded and run by a staff of seasoned executives with decades of experience who firmly attests to and stands behind the high quality of netTALK’s policies, customer service practices, network and product development activities. Unlike others on the market, the TK6000 works independent of a computer, offering more convenience, flexibility and functionality to the end user – not to mention cost and energy savings. Because the TK6000 is flexible enough to not require the use of a fully powered computer to make and receive calls like other units, our customers are able to save time, energy and money. We developed the TK6000 by reviewing the current leading products in the category and focusing on the best attributes from each, resulting in a product we, and our loyal customers, feel is a best-of-all-worlds communication device.


Anyway, MagicJack is good for folks who don’t know how to use Skype and, presumably, netTALK is the same stuff. Both are good for your grandma who doesn’t know VoIP from Vincent Price. But it’s nice to see that netTALK took the high road.