Folding "stealth" Hot Wheels: More stuff to step on when you come downstairs at 5am thinking that the furnace is broken

Hot Wheels is about to launch “Stealth Rides,” tiny, folding Hot Wheels cars that are – get this – remote controlled. The cars are about as big as standard hot wheels and fold into the shape of a thick credit card.

The toys will debut at the Toy Fair in February and include Batman and Army models. Each come with a case that doubles as a remote control and they will cost $25 each. The case also charges the cars.

There is no word as to what Mattel expects us to do with all the other remote controlled junk we have lying around the house including a robotic velociraptor and a big truck we got from my wife’s sister that we had to stuff into a huge duffel bag and carry all the way from Warsaw last month because it would insult the family if we didn’t take every darn thing that my son got for Christmas back with us to America even though most of that garbage is a) cheaper in America b) imported from China anyway so available in America.

via CNN