Finally, a dishwasher safe carbon fiber wallet

78383Geez, not to sound ungrateful but it’s like hey wallet industry, what took you guys so long? I’ve been sitting on this dirty wallet of mine for years with no obvious way to clean it.

Thanks to the miracle of carbon fiber (it’s seriously a cool material, I’d wear a carbon fiber sweatsuit if I could), this $50 wallet from Hammacher Schlemmer “will never stretch, fade, or develop cracks like a leather billfold.”

And yes, according to the product page, “this is the wallet that withstands a gale force wind or the torrents of a dishwasher.” So if you get caught in a hurricane you can huddle everyone under your wallet for protection. And if you get caught in a dishwasher, you have bigger problems than I’m capable of helping you overcome.

The Dishwasher Safe Wallet [Hammacher Schlemmer]